ANHNO stands for “A New Haiti Now“.  After many years of watching Haiti, it seems there hasn’t been much progress compared to other nations in the Americas as well as in the Caribbean.  Watching a country being a symbol of freedom to being a symbol of failure prompts for the creation of this committee.

Mission Statement

ANHNO’s  mission is to report any information that contributes to the betterment of Haiti, to share news concerning Haiti either positive and or negative, to help shine the light on many progresses and or concerns regarding Haiti..

Our Vision

ANHNO’s vision is for a better Haiti, which simply asking for a new Haiti right at this moment, not 1 year nor 10 years later but in the moment as of NOW (koulye a). where its people will have access to good quality life.

Togetherness makes strength.  There is nothing that we the Haitian people put out mind to that we cannot achieve.  We have done the impossible before and we sure as heck can do it again.  All we need to follow the words from the flag emblems.

A little history about Haiti

The Republic of Haiti is a Caribbean country which shares its border with the Dominican Republic.  Haiti is located southeast of Florida to the east of Cuba. It shares the Island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic and occupies the western third of the island. Its name is from the Indian language and it means mountains.  The capital of Haiti is Port-au-Prince, Creole and French are the two official languages.  When it gained independence in 1804, Haiti became the first independent nation of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Haiti is a member of (CARICOM), with a population nearly 10 million people making it the most populous nation in the Caribbean.  Moreover, Haiti is labeled as one of the poorest countries in the Americas but there are political reasons for that.  Haiti was once the richest colony in the world, Haiti was named the Jewel of the Antilles but all that have come to pass since the country is a mere of what it used to be.  Under the French occupation, Haiti used to export many exotic products such as sugar, coffee, cocoa, tobacco, cotton, dye indigo etc.  but all of that were in the past.

Many of these reasons contribute to Haiti being regarded as a poor nation.  The first obvious reason is the lack of exportation and also  the debt Haiti had to pay to its former occupier, France; a sum that is equivalent to about 20 billion US D, other reasons for Haiti’s poverty is the International Boycott, back then after Haiti had gained its independence, many of the world’s superpowers would not recognize its sovereignty and would not participate in any trades or commerce with Haiti.  In addition to those previous reasons, also natural disasters, lack of leadership from a governmental standpoint, lack of literacy, poor distribution of the country’s wealth contribute to Haiti’s poverty as well.

Is there any hope for Haiti?

Yes there is.  Haiti can once again be the pearl of the Antilles and it will take all the Haitians together to make it happen.  First, Haiti has to take back its sovereignty; the MINUSTAH as of now is in control of Haiti, all major decisions are decided  by them and other International Assemblies. Secondly, the belief system has to change, no more an eye for eye concept but rather turn the other cheek.  Thirdly; improve on security which would allow other countries to invest and eventually the creation of new opportunities for the Haitian people.  Fourthly, educate the whole country, the mass Haitian population does not know how to read nor can express themselves in an educated manner.  Lastly but not least and the most important of all, put the country under God’s righteous right hand.


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