As a reminder, the last single powerful force to occupy Haiti was the Americans.  Under pretext, they were stopping a Russian invasion of the Caribbean and latin America.  It’s been said for years that American governments were behind the lack of progress in Haiti and still are.  Surely,  it’s been doubted but after many deep analyses, there are many facts which have shown that America is anti-Haiti.

  1. The ransom of independence owed by the Haitians from France was bought by the Americans where they made Haiti pay them 2 times if not 3 times the amount owed.
  2. The separation of Haiti and Dominican Republic was backed by the US, believing that the two countries were dissimilar in culture, race, and interests.
  3. The annihilation of the Haitian army made possible by the US government while the army of the DR was funded, trained and modernized by the Americans.
  4. Haiti’s national and organic products are being destroyed by the Americans while they fully implement GMO products.
  5. Papa Doc, one of Haiti’s most feared leaders was educated and received full support from the US government.
  6. The Haitian’s constitution that so many politicians cannot  interpret properly which contradict itself many times over is almost a direct replica of the US constitution.
  7. Jean-Bertrand Aristide one of the most corrupted ex-presidents of Haiti received many times the full support of American governments.  After two coups, they allowed him to return to Haiti to influence more corruption.
  8. The current occupation of Haiti from MINUSTAH  was approved and fully supported by the American government, they would have led it themselves but were too busy fighting wars.
  9. Many financial aids received by the Haitian government are either stolen or redistributed to American firms serving the Haitian people.  Most of the earthquake money collected to help rebuild Haiti is nowhere to be found and little of it was used for the reconstruction of Haiti.
  10. At this moment Haiti is facing with a cancerous political turmoil and that also is being supported by the American government.  As a world’s superpower, you cannot allow such political chaos to continue taking place in your backyard.

There you people have it, the 10 facts that show US governments is anti-Haiti.


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