There are lots to be said regarding Haiti being one of the biggest failed countries in the world. We live in a world where very few inferior cultures become autonomous but Haiti had the chance to not only exist but was autonomously governed by former black slaves. They were the first black Republic of the Americas. Unfortunately, the Haitian people are experiencing before their eyes the desperation of their nation.

Haiti was born out of rebellion. A bunch of non-educated, hard labored Africans got together and overthrow one of the most feared superpowers the world had known. The togetherness of the former slaves overthrew their occupiers and the revolution was a success. That success would not last long and had known many controversies from the past to the very present. There are many problems behind the long-term failure of Haiti and some of them will be discussed.

The first one got to do with a biblical problem. There is nothing born out of wickedness that will flourish. Haiti was born out of evil, not of righteousness. They were born out of jealousy, follies, and stubbornness. The day of the final battle against the French, the Haitians had dedicated the whole country to the devil. This trend is still in existence. In this time wherever you go in Haiti, you will see many houses where at least one or two people are chosen to dedicate themselves to unclean spirits. There are many crimes and sacrifices that are ravaging the land to satisfy the needs of those spirits.

Another problem is an educational one. Unfortunately for the slaves, although the revolution was a success but there were no long-term plans on how to manage such success. The very people who could have helped prolong such success were either assassinated or burned alive. Later on, the first black republic was without people of knowledge and continue to grow like so. The only way for them to get knowledge was for other successful nations to show them how or to send their people in foreign lands, even those who dare helping them soon find out they are a very stiff-necked people who would not put their teachings to use but would continue to function as if no education was ever received. Of course, without knowledge and able people, the first black republic continue to be a failure in all categories of life. The very people sent off to get knowledge in specific branches upon return to the land are ignored and are completely put in quarantine mode.

Now come the political problem. There is no nation on earth that can be successful if the people who make, interpret and justify the law are above the law themselves. They expect people to follow the law of the land when they themselves can do as they wish. Haitian politicians have no respect for the law and so are the people, therefore it’s impossible for such country to succeed at anything. The worst about this is that the people just sit there and demand no real changes from their politicians. Anybody can have a career in politics nowadays in Haiti. How can a country survive this nonsense when people with no career in laws and politics are taking over a nation? All financials gains seem to only profit them and not the people.

Moreover, nature plays a big role in the problems of Haiti’s failure. Haiti has been struck by a lot of natural disasters and none were as destructive as the last two; the earthquake of 2010 and recently hurricane Matthew. No one knows if this punishment is from God or bad constructions but nonetheless the country is getting destroyed.

The last problem got to do with a psychological one. Insanity has covered the land since no one is willing to change. They have been doing the same things over and over and have gotten the same failed results over and over. No other paths are put to light except the same old ones which have always resulted in failures. All the people, those in the land as well as those abroad never change their attitudes towards the land and are expecting foreigners to see them different. They produce little and expect big payouts. They criticize the people and the nations who lend them a hand and at times even blame them for their failures. It has gotten to a point, although it seems that way since problems have contributed to a lot of donations, the leaders manage to fix nothing so that the country can always have things handed out to them.

It’s very sad to see a fierce underdog like the Haitian Republic refuse to learn from the past. They have undervalued their existence and seem to just not care. Perseverance is no more and integrity is thrown out of the window. Who will care for them except their own?

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