Kenneth Merten

Haitian leaders are so ignorant, brainless and dependent that once more the presence of a US official is required in order to help solve political problems in the country.  One thing for sure, the political chaos that Haiti is currently facing with is not in the best interest of the USA and the Haitian political leaders have to come up with explanations.  Hopefully, the US might help find common grounds and bring the political stalemate to an end.

As per ABC news,

Kenneth Merten is meeting with members of the Provisional Electoral Council and other officials to “discuss the urgent need for elected representatives at all levels of government.” He arrived Thursday.

Earlier this month, the United States suspended financial assistance to Haiti’s electoral officials as they prepare to redo a presidential vote that a special commission said was marred by fraud.

Electoral officials say the new presidential election will have to be held in October. Twenty-seven candidates have registered to run.

Meanwhile, Haiti’s fragmented Parliament is continuing to block a vote on extending a caretaker president’s expired mandate or paving the way for a new interim leader.

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